Hi, my name is Nicholas Albert Scribner, and I live in Chanhassen, Minnesota. As the logo says, please call the F.B.I. headquarters at (202) 324-3000. I've been kidnapped by my parents, Jeffrey Todd Scribner ("Jeff Scribner") and Juanita Marie Scribner ("Nita Scribner"), since 2010. I have been trying to get into WITSEC, also known as the Witness Protection Program, all this time.

My brother, Marcus Lee Scribner ("Marc Scribner"), attempted to murder me by manual strangulation for 15 to 20 seconds on my dad's 54th birthday on December 30, 2012. On April 7 of this year (2023), Good Friday, my mom said for the first time that my brother was, in fact, trying to murder me that night.

After calling 911 on my parents several years ago, my mom chased after me with a pistol as I was waiting on my front step for law enforcement to arrive.

My dad has been unemployed and collecting disability money since approximately 2009, and he spends his days drinking beer and smoking what I assume are heroin and possibly methamphetamine in his powder room. Even as a child, my dad went to his powder room at least once an hour, though I never made the connection between the smell of heroin smoke and drug use. He yells at me and our dogs throughout the day (see videos on my YouTube channel).

Most recently, since March of 2023, I have called the non-emergency number for Carver County and been to hospitals numerous times for detecting a strong scent of the highly toxic off-gas of formaldehyde in my bedroom. Additionally, my dad has been ejaculating on the walls in my room and right outside my room, and at least one of my parents has been urinating on the carpet in my room. Shortly before they urinated on the carpet in my room, they urinated on my laundry while it was in the dryer.

Again, please call the F.B.I. headquarters at (202) 324-3000 and tell them Nicholas Albert Scribner of Chanhassen, Minnesota, needs a new identity. Don't worry if the F.B.I. quizzes you about which federal crime was committed. By just making the phone call, you could do me so much good!

Go to my home page, Scribner.info. Be sure to also visit my Facebook profile for more frequent updates.

With love and gratitude,

Nicholas Scribner